For the collaboration Tim Durfee & Iris Anna Regn, the two partners combine their expertise from their respective studios: Tim Durfee Studio (, for conceptual design and media, and Iris Regn for social practice and material experimentation. Together, their collaboration has produced award-winning exhibitions and installations for major cultural institutions, small buildings, furniture, and urban communication systems.

Durfee and Regn also collaborate with other designers and artists on complex, multi-year projects, bringing multiple layers of expertise to a diverse portfolio; among these are Louise Sandhaus, Juliette Bellocq, Joe Prichard, Brian Roettinger, Rick Valicenti, and Lorraine Wild.

Tim Durfee directs Tim Durfee Studio, and conducts his design research through amp - a studio he operates through Media Design Practices at Art Center College of Design. Previously, he taught architectural design at SCI-Arc, where he was Director of Visual Studies. His work engages a range of subjects and media – including buildings, constructed objects and spaces, video, interfaces, maps, and writing. He has an M.Arch from Yale University.

Iris Anna Regn is cofounder of the ongoing art and design project BROODWORK:Creative Practice and Family Life. Regn is also a contributing writer for Herman Miller Lifework and faculty at Otis College of Art and Design, Creative Action. She is a Family and Practice Advisor for the A+D Museum, advisor for Big City Forum, and a board member of the LA Forum for Architecture and Urban Design. She holds a BA in French Literature from Smith College and an MArch from SCI-Arc.

They are based in Los Angeles, California.

Present and Past Contributors
Haila Adamo
Joanne Angeles
Arthur Badalian
Cecilia Brock
Taylor Cunningham
Rob Decosmo
Ellen Donnely
Barbara Ellis
Kyla Farrell
Jeff Haber
Zachary Hoevet
Teira Johnson
Geoffrey Johnston
Sarhad Ghevandian
Justin Gier
Ara Hovsepyan
Roy Craig Katz
Matthew Kelley
Takeshi Kobayashi
Katherine Lally
Adam Martinez
Heather McGinn
Jen McKnight
Chris McMillan
Petra Michel
Midori Mizuhara
Richard Molina
Felix Monasakanian
Christopher Mueller
Sebastian Munoz
Fredrik Nilsen
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